Bon Secours Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (BSFED), an exclusive incubator for women entrepreneurs, has launched an incubator programme for rural areas. We are the Rural incubation Centre at embryonic stage, focuses on rural Nano-entrepreneurship through community-level engagement. BSFED Established in 2023 as a section 8 company was incepted to foster & support rural entrepreneurship, so that every villager is self-sufficient. BSFED is focusing on the most disadvantaged sections of the society; connects start-ups to appropriate technologies, ultimately enhancing the quality of life in rural India with targets to accelerate small and medium enterprises.

BSFED focuses on women entrepreneurs in five sectors like Fashion, Handicrafts, Agriculture, Health and Nutrition. It aims to develop and establish a Model for Self-sufficient Smart Village Economy' lead by women entrepreneurs in Thanjavur District. Students, Faculty members, Farmers, SC/ST, Self Help Groups and NGOs are the backbone of BSFED. It extends its knowledge, technical and infrastructure support to scale-up enterprises right from the ideation stage to SMEs. At present, there are 32 women entrepreneurs working under our incubation. It extends its mentorship to Create organization, Manvasanai, Nel Mart, Mom's Love, VJ Garden, BV Broiler, Bio-Elixir, Amphigene research, Bio Research Centre and Traditional Paddy Council.

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