Our Foundress

Mother Maria Philomini

Very Rev. Mother Dr. Maria Philomi, FBS
Foundress, Bon Secours College

"His right hand hath holden me up and his gentleness has made me great" Ps. 18:35.

Bon Secours, the first college of Bon Secours Congregation came in to existence in 2002. It was a dream project of Bon Secours Congregation and was a Herculean task to achieve it. I raise my heart to thank God for He chose me as an instrument to carry out the task of fulfilling the dreams of our elderly sisters. Our excellent stalwarts of Bon Secours like Mother Casmir, Mother Inviolata always dreamt of a college for this 300 year old Bon Secours Congregation. But God in His eternal Plan fulfilled it through me His humble servant.

With full of Hope I foresee that many young women enter this temple of learning and go out charged with full energy. May Bon Secours College empower all those who enter this campus. I invoke the God of Universe to embrace it in its bosom to spring out Goodness to all those who come in to contact with it. God bless everyone!