Department Of Physics

About the Department

Department of Physics was established in the year 2003 with the commencement of, and B.Sc., programmes. All programmes offered by the department run on semester system in which evolution of the student's performance is made on the basis of regular test.
The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty. The department has excellent UG & PG laboratory with more advanced features and library facilities with about 853 titles and leading journals in several areas of latest technology.
Anticipating a new era of research and scientific excellence, the departments take constant and steady initiatives towards the conduct of seminars, conferences and workshops.

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Vision & Mission


To produce ethically strong scientists to serve the nation.


To create a conducive environment for the students to acquire knowledge through innovative approach and utilize it for the welfare of the mankind.

Courses Offered

S.No Course
1 B.Sc.,Physics
2 M.Sc.,Physics
2 M.Phil.,Physics

Laboratory UG and PG

PG apparatus : Hyperbolic fringe set up, Ultrasonic interferometer for solids and liquids, Stephan's constant apparatus, Guoy Balance, Lecher wire, Four probe set-up, Electromagnet with power supply, Forbes' conductivity apparatus, AFO, Elliptical fringe set up, Michelson interferometer, CRO systronic superior quality, Bi-prism-assembly, 8085 microprocessor kit, Traffic signal-Add-on to µp kit, Stepper motor-Add- on microprocessor kit, 8255 interface Add-on to microprocessor kit ,D\A &A\D Converter trainer kit, 2MHZ Function Generator with digital frequency counter,8086 microprocessor kit,8051 microcontroller kit, etc.,

In our PG Lab, Four computers with two printers are utilized by the students to do project work. We motivate the students to do power point presentations.

UG apparatus : Young's modulus setup, Rigidity modulus set up, Melde's apparatus, sonometer, compound pendulum, Lee's disc apparatus, Newton's law of cooling setup, surface tension setup, Air wedge setup, Newton's ring setup, Meter bridge apparatus, potentiometer, physical balance, spot reflecting galvanometer, Constant temperature bath, Spectrometer , Digital multimeter, transformer, deflection magnetometer, phase shift oscillator kit , Astable multivibrator kit, Field along the axis of coil, shift register kit, pulse generator, post office box, Torsional Pendulum, Carey fosters bridge, Microscope, (0-30v) Power Supply, IC Regulated power supply, Battery eliminato etc.,

In the department, one computer with the printer is available for data entry operations. The staff members use the computer for preparation of learning materials.


Priya Jones Maria Endowment Rs.5000.00