Teaching - Learning Practices

A. Bridge courses

Bridge courses are conducted at the beginning of the academic year, to bridge the gap among the students with respect to technical and soft skills and bring them on par with one another.

B. Certificate / Diploma Courses

Certificate Courses are aimed at bridging the gap between the mainstream curriculum and the changing industry needs.

C. Guest Lectures / Extension Lectures

Experts and eminent personalities from industries, academicians, senior executives and business persons are regularly invited to interact with the students and share their expertise and experience.

D. Classroom Presentations

Presentations by students on subject - related as well as general topics form a part of our co-curricular activities, as these enhance their interpersonal communication skills and help to develop their overall personality.

E. Project Presentations

Apart from classroom presentations and discussions, students make paper presentations. The soft skills of the students receive a focus in such activities.

F. Assignments

Apart from regular assignments in core subjects, research assignments are also given to advanced learners, which require the students to refer to various sources of information including textbooks, journals, magazines and the internet, to develop their research aptitude and deepen their understanding of the subject.

G. Value Addition and Personality Development Programmes

Our college stands for value-based education and strives for the overall development of the students. In pursuit of the motto "To Empower, To change, To Live" and in line with the college Vision, the Counselling Cell, faculty members and resource persons conduct various value-addition and personality development programmes.

H. Employability Sessions

Sessions like Corporate Expectations, HR Skills, Goal Setting, Career Development, How to Face an Interview etc., are conducted to make the students employable. These programmes help the students equip themselves with the skills expected by the industry.

I. Reinforcement Classes

Reinforcement Classes in Economics & Statistics are conducted for students coming from diverse backgrounds.

J. Remedial Courses

Classes are held after the college working hours to help out those students who require further assistance and guidance in their learning process.


i) Mock Viva

In order to enable the students face real VIVA sessions effectively, a mock Viva is conducted. This serves as a rehearsal for the

students, helping them to perform better.

ii) Mock interview

To help students equip themselves with soft skills and to improve their subject knowledge, mock interview sessions are conducted. Apart from enlightening them in the domain areas, these sessions also fine tune their personality. The lecturers who conduct these mock interviews focus on students' gestures, communication and attitude.

iii) Project Counselling

Sessions are held to help students prepare impressive projects. The college provides internship and students are given an opportunity to sign up with come up with quality project reports.

iv) English Proficiency Counselling

English proficiency counseling sessions help the students to identify their problem areas with respect to communication in English, and also aid in refining their speaking and writing skills.