Student Support Programmes

College gives individual attention to students in order to equip them to bridge the gap between traditional curriculum and changing employment needs.

Soft Skills

The Dept. of English, together with the Placement Cell, conducts classes to enhance the soft skills of our students, keeping inview the urgent demands of the corporate world. The focus is on students' communication and presentation skills. Students are allowed to use the English Language Lab in this endeavor.
To inculcate life skills and global competencies, regular classes are conducted within college hours.

Language Lab

Listening is generally given the least priority in the teaching-learning process. This is because people believe that listening is a passive task and need not be taught, as it is acquired naturally. Contrary is the truth that listening is an arduous task and involves total attention to process what is being listened to. In fact, listening is the most crucial aspect of communication along with speaking, as it is the only way to acquire the right pronunciation. The language lab offers adequate opportunity to acquire the listening skill.

Counselling and Guidance Cell

Counselling and Value Education Cell offers guidance and helps students in personal, social and vocational spheres.
Regular value education modules are conducted in the college. Life skills are taught as a means to empower young people to face challenging situations. This enables learners to acquire knowledge and to develop right attitudes and life skills which lead to a healthy behavior.

Women Empowerment & Entrepreneur Development Cell

The objective of the Cell is to create an atmosphere ofawareness and enlightenment among the girls regarding their duties and rights. Health and Hygiene issues concerning girls are addressed by renowned gynecologists. Any suggestions, issues and grievances concerning girls can be addressed to the cell.
The college is conscious of the dwindling placement opportunities due to the financial melt-down and has established a full -fledged Entrepreneurship Development Cell which addresses all the needs of students to become dynamic entrepreneurs. The Cell organizes various awareness programmes, like Seminars/Workshops/Interaction with young Entrepreneurs etc. These programmes will be aimed at making the student community more enthusiastic towards entrepreneurial activity. The Advisory Board for the cell comprises of members from industry, financial institutions, R&D, Government institutions etc. The board will guide and advise the cell in organizing various activities.

Placement & Career Guidance

Career Guidance is offered to students through talks and lectures by guest faculty, drawn from various disciplines.

Management Scholarship

The Management as a part of its philanthropic activities extends scholarships to poor but deserving students every year.

'I Can' - Bon Startup

'I Can' is a startup programme organized by the students themselves to help their own fellow students. The students organize fairs on the campus, and they are the producers, the sellers and buyers. The entire profit of the programme goes to the educational assistance of the under privileged students. It is conducted in 2 phases, one in each semester.


Manna is the most appreciated gesture of charity as it helps the poor students hailing from the farthest places, who are unable to bring their lunch. Such students are provided with lunch every day.

SAFE-StudentsAssistance Fund for Education

SAFE is another charitable activity initiated by the students welfare committee. According to this programme, the students collect donations within and outside the college to help the educational needs of the students.

Earn While Learn

In addition to the above scholarship and welfare schemes, the management extends its charity by introducing this scheme. The active and able students are offered jobs in the college stationery, library and laboratory, which enables them to assist themselves to meet the basic expenditure.

Bon's Children

Orphan and semi orphan students are adopted by the college. More than that such students are entrusted to the love, care and concern of the religious sisters of the community within the campus.

Orientation / Induction Programme

The Orientation Programmes which include-Ice Breakers, Aptitude Tests, Case Studies, Group Discussions and Oral / Written Communication aim at mapping the students talent and also identifying their individual skills and needs.

Experimental Learning (Industrial Visits / Field Visits)

As a part of our endeavour to increase institution-industry interaction and create among the students an awareness and understanding of the practical aspects of the industry, students are given an opportunity to visit industrial units.

Associations / Activities

Various activities in the campus aim at fostering team building and leadership skills.


1.LITERATIDept. of English
2.BUSY BEEDept. of Commerce
3.BISWIZDept. of Business Administration
4.CHEMSTARDept. of Chemistry
5.BIOMEDept. of Bio Technology
6.APEXDept. of Mathematics
7.NAVODAYA DAYSDept. of Social Work
8.BIOSDept. of Computer Science BCA & IT
9.GALAXYDept. of Physics
10.HAUTE COUTUREDept. of Fashion Technology
11.HERODOTUSDept. of History
12.BONCAREDept. of Health Care and Hospital Administration
13.NARUVIDept. of Tamil
14.HERODOTUSDept. of History
15.BON FLORADept. of Botany

Some of the activities of these Association are

  1. Group Discussion
  2. G.K. and Business Quiz
  3. Case studies
  4. Management Games
  5. Awareness Programmes

Seminars / Workshops

Meets / Workshops / seminars are conducted for enhancing conceptual learning and practical application. Student involvement in these programmes is ensured to draw out their innate entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills.

Inter-Collegiate Meets / Events

Students are also encouraged to participate in intercollegiate meet / events and contribute by way of oral and written presentations to improve their presentation and communication skills.